About IPS
Research network comprising of experts-Doing our best to conduct professional and advanced research activities.
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The Institute of Industrial Policy Studies (IPS) works in conjunction with domestic and international governmental agencies, associations, research institutions and education institutions to generate and expand competitive research results.

Name of Institution Website
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Commerce http://www.mocie.go.kr
Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency http://www.kotra.or.kr
Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies http://www.assist.ac.kr
The Institute for Policy & Strategy on National Competitiveness
Jeju Development Institute http://www.jdi.re.kr
Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) http://www.designdb.com/kidp
School of Business Administration, Nankai University (China)
Center for Korean and Chinese Entrepreneurship, Zhejiang University
Korea Research Institute for Measurement and Assessment (KRIMA) http://www.krima.or.kr
Design and Brand Management Society http://www.dbms.or.kr
Korea Society for Sustainable Management