About IPS
A knowledge powerhouse in the global competition-IPS will be one step ahead
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Since its founding in 1993, IPS has achieved remarkable growth while contributing to the development of the society and nation by conducting various research.

The source of the growth is found in the core values and vision of IPS which also serve as the guiding force for employees. All of the employees at IPS uphold the core values of IPS in making decisions with the aim of realizing its vision in the long term.

We have fun working, engage in trend-leading work, and provide satisfactory service to our customers and stakeholders.

IPS Values & Vision

We aspire to engage outselves in Interesting activities, that are Pioneering in nature, in order to deliver Satisfying service to our clients/stakeholders and to aSSIST those who need us. Our values serve as basic criteria to determine what we believe and what we do as well as driving force to unify us under the same vision Our values are as follows:

- Interesting: meaning service we offer should interest us.
- Pioneering: meaning service we offer should be new and pioneering.
- Satisfying: meaning service we offer should satisfy not only our clients but also the society that we belong to.